I have a cute kidney failure

Lovable little organs

despite their present deficiencies

Favorite body parts from physiology class

but long forgotten, unappreciated

And now they’ve failed

getting a D- in life support


Kidneys, shmidneys

Who thinks about them

Chinese doctors, martial artists maybe

Most of us worry more about the Heart

the Lungs, the important ones

loath to discover the state of the Liver

or dark secrets of Pancreas and Spleen


But hardly a passing thought about the Kidneys

Now that they’re failing I think about them a lot

picturing those cute bean shaped blobs

mirroring each other, nestled under the ribs

colorful tubes extending down

a lovely symmetrical plumbing design

Spongy filters cleansing and draining away waste


Now they’re stopped up, inflamed, indignant

I’m sorry kidneys, for my neglect

Should have paid attention

Treated you with more respect

I beg forgiveness with pure water and cranberry juice

and promise never again to take you for granted

I kid you not, you cuties

Sarah Safford is a lyricist and an educator, recently retired from NYC Department of Education. She has a Masters in Public Health and is an alumnus of the BMI Musical Theater Workshop. Throughout her career she has combined arts and education, creating performances, songs, and most recently poetry, often with health related themes.