BRUITS | Martin Seneviratne


Give me a glabellar tap

she said to the drummer

and a one two gallop beat

lub dub, lub dub

but more syncopated 

it’s a blues club

lub ba dub dub  

smooth but calculated

regular except for the occasional ectopic

and then the strings arrive


floating gently over the surface

and the polyphonic harmonic

trumpet wheezing

in the mid zone

just hear the moan

of the singer

a turbulent vibrato

bluesy incantado swinger

as the cymbals click

mechanically open shut

slick pacemakers

perched above the tympanic drums

radiating through the airwaves

with their Cheyne Stokes crescendos

a symphony in systole!

The glasses in the audience tinkle 

lashings of high-pitched laughter and 

crepitations of conversation

that couldn’t wait for after

fine, sophisticated types

and coarse ones too

intermingled at the bases of the room

murmuring between themselves

"This is just noise," barked one

regurgitating his drink back into its vessel

But the music was everywhere

Martin Seneviratne, MD, is currently the Digital Health Fellow at Stanford Medicine X and a
Master’s candidate in biomedical informatics at Stanford University. Dr. Martin is an
Australian physician who completed his undergraduate (Physics) and medical school at the
University of Sydney, followed by a residency in internal medicine at the Royal Prince Alfred