EPHEMERAL GARDEN | Lindsey Francis

©  Ephemeral Garden . Lindsey Francis.  Fall 2018 Intima

© Ephemeral Garden. Lindsey Francis. Fall 2018 Intima

Lindsey Francis graduated from Penn State University with a BFA in ceramics and a minor in psychology.  From 2014 to 2015 she was the Valentine & Clark Westchester Community Foundation Emerging Artist. Currently, Francis has her studio in her home in Ossining, NY, where she frequently shows her work and collaborates with the local shops and restaurants. She is also a community art show curator, mural artist, an established Teaching Artist and the Program Manager for the national Creative Aging organization Lifetime Arts. She uses her artwork as a platform and voice for those living with chronic illness like herself www.lindseyfrancisceramics.com IG @more.than.muddy Facebook @ LindseyFrancisArt