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A Familiar Accent | Edith Bracho-Sanchez | SPRING 2015

Who speaks for the patient? A young doctor takes on the role of translator during Neurology rounds.

A Patient Too Close to Home | Richard Cassidy | FALL 2012

During his training, a medical student meets a family who stirs up his memories.

A Selfless Goodbye | Pooja Reddy | FALL 2014

Can we plan a "good" death, one that isn't a burden on our family and friends? A reflection.

A Spanish Lesson | Jerold Lundgren and Joseph Featherall | FALL 2012

On a language trip to Guatemala, a team of doctors learns much more about communication than how to speak Spanish. 

A Tale of Three Breasts | Carol Scott-Conner | SPRING 2015

There is a subjectivity in the way we see the body, as a group of surgeons and oncologists demonstrate.

A Student's Moment in NYC's Most Famous Hospital | Brian Sou | FALL 2014

Some patients flinch at the sight of a needle. A med student sees it happen and acts compassionately.

Approaching New Horizons | Mario de la Cruz | FALL 2011

What exactly is Narrative Medicine and how is it implemented? One practitioner describes its influence.

The Bubbling Fire in the Bone Marrow | Albert Howard Carter III | SPRING 2016

Meet Frank, a cancer patient, through the eyes of his massage therapist, a cancer survivor himself.

The Cat Doctor | Hans Steiner | SPRING 2015

Sometimes knowledge is gained, not lost, in translation: An intern gets a lesson in lingo.

The Choice | Keenan Whitesides | SPRING 2014

Do you mean I have a choice? A simple question gives a patient a brief respite from the routine of the hospital.  

Dying Well: Choose Your Beverage | Esther Park & Gladys Rodriguez | SPRING 2015

We learn about the conflicts and profound contradictions every doctor faces in end-of-life care.

Ethics Consult: To Tell or Not To Tell | Ellen Kolton | FALL 2013

It's a quandary doctors often face: Whether or not to reveal information to a family about a patient whose privacy will then be violated.

The Goses | Gerard Spiniello | FALL 2014

To honor a rabbi’s beliefs or end his suffering? An M.D. guides a family through a spiritual dilemma.

Heart Failure | Rachel Conrad | SPRING 2014

A Buddhist story helps a clinician come to terms with burnout and insensitivity.

I Need to Tell This Story | Katherine Guess | FALL 2014

Her own medical trauma informs the way a clinician looks and listens.

Love and Medicine | Jennifer Stella | SPRING 2014

Getting to know you: A doctor considers ways to understand a patient's past life before illness.

The Lady In Pink | Anne-Laure Talbot | SPRING 2013

A critical lesson is learned through a seemingly routine encounter.

The Little Nowhere of the Mind | Kenneth Weinberg | FALL 2012

An ode to house calls and the way each one may enrich, transform and direct a doctor's life.

"Meaningfull" | Daniel Waters | FALL 2015

Definitions, definitions... even surgeons need to cut to the chase.

Medical Metamorphosis | Jessica Little | FALL 2014

During residency, a doctor facing alienation struggles to maintain her humanity.

Migrations | Esther Lee | SPRING 2016

A medical student and her patient struggle to communicate in a hospital far from their native countries. 

Morning | Olivia DiLeonardo | FALL 2015

An acknowledgment of significance in the fragments of a day.

My Year in Narrative Medicine | Dana Gage | FALL 2011

A doctor reflects on learning a new discipline that is enlightening, rigorous and mysterious.

Nails | Katarina Doan-Thu Nguyen | SPRING 2013

One doctor learns that eyes aren't the only window into the soul.

One Thousand and One Diagnoses | Anna Rita Amboziak | SPRING 2014

It isn't always easy to engage a patient in narrative discourse, but the effort to do so has value.

Parodoxical Wishes | Dan Luftig | FALL 2013

Should a doctor feel guilty if he wishes for an unusual case? Can anything assuage that guilty feeling?

Pedagogy By the Oppressed: My Journey to Narrative Medicine | Apurva Khedagi | SPRING 2016

Unexpected pathways through the slums of India lead a young woman to a new field.

Poetic Therapy | Elaine Benton | SPRING 2013

A patient with Gaucher's and Parkinson's diseases advocates for poems as well as narrative medicine.

Pomegranate Hearts | Michelle Izmaylov | SPRING 2016

What remains when the forgotten parts of an experience are shed? 

Ready or Not | H. Lee Kagan | SPRING 2014

What is our responsibility to witness a death when there is no one else there to witness?

Strength and Courage | David Pineles | FALL 2014

A patient’s mother gives a doctor a lifesaving lesson during pediatric rounds.

Stuck | Vik Reddy | SPRING 2015

A close call brings a medical newcomer to a realization about drawing blood—and his calling.

Suffer Little Children | Pranav Nanda | FALL 2015

A reflection on the initial exposure to suffering, and the price of inaction. 

Talking in Toys | Hans Steiner | SPRING 2015

Listening to a child who needs help is a form of play with profound implications.

Tell Me A Story: Using Narrative History with Older Patients | Chris Frank |     SPRING 2014

Asking about a person's accent or hearing a tale about a moment in history enriches the clinical encounter for everyone involved

The Operation: The Value of Ethnography in Highlighting Social and Personal Complexity | Vaidehi Mujumdar | FALL 2014

In the heart of Mumbai, a researcher comes to understand the value of sharing stories.

Therapy Space | Andrea Hansell | SPRING 2016

Will you pass the "Cockroach test"?

Things I Learned About Myself on My Surgery Clerkship | Stephanie Yarnell | FALL 2012

When doctors don't listen—to patients and to each other—a needless tragedy can occur.

Viola Strings and Other Troubles: Mentoring a Medical Student's Artistic Endeavors | Erica Fletcher | SPRING 2014

Being in tune with others involves listening to what they say and considering what they need.

Voices | Susan Hannah | FALL 2011

We hear you: In their daily lives, clinicians listen and respond to a multitude of messages.

What Does a Doctor Look Like? | Lara Devgan | SPRING 2014

Medical competence is judged in many ways, but the perception of it is often predictable.

What Does A Patient Advocate Do? | Ellen Kolton | FALL 2013

There are times when a person who has seemingly lost everything teaches another what matters.

With Dignity | Ashley Chapman | SPRING 2016

A young medical student learns about loss while observing a veteran physician's empathy.

Witness | Anne Robinson | FALL 2013

Observations at a clinic in the Bronx reveal the important role a doula plays in the clinical encounter.

Writing the Cure | Linda Kobert | SPRING 2016

An unexpected diagnosis inspires a nurse to pursue alternative methods of self-care.