Intima Fall 2016 | FIELD NOTES


A Three-Stranded Cord Is Not Quickly Broken | Angela Cooke-Jackson, Taylor McMahon and Dana Mendes

Co-constructing an illness narrative with meaning: A collaborative project weaves different perspectives and narrative forms together to share a young woman's experience with cancer. 

The Color Purple | Paul Rousseau

Diagnoses are nothing more than the story of life, colored by the pain of disease... and occasionally other things.

Entry Points | A. Scott Pearson

The ultimate challenge: Finding the connection to a patient's world in the most stressful moments.

Hematopapyrus And Other Medical Jargon | Jonathan Katz

See if you can guess what it means: A medical student introduces new medical jargon.

Palpate: To Examine by Touch | Carly Bergey

A family vacation forces a woman to confront the physical evidence of her father's throat cancer.

Semantics in the Elevator | Philip Berry

Going up? A doctor narrates the complexities of apology within care.