A Perfect Distance | Grace Kao

Encounters between two daughters of immigrants unfold much like the creases and folds of the origami they share as one counsels another.

The Arc of Serenity | Joy Liu

An elderly patient teaches a doctor important life lessons.

As (Not) Seen On TV | Robert Spencer

Much of medicine is trial and error: It's a lesson a young doctor learns early.

Bright is the Ring of Words | Richard Westcott

A retired family doctor in England invites the reader to enjoy the flavor of words.

Candace | Jutta Braun

A nurse reflects on an early patient experience, and on what she’s learned since.

Collector's Envy | Emily Milam

Patients are more than just a diagnosis at our educational disposal.

The Crash | Jake Minor

A soon-to-be medical student struggles with the indignity of his father's last months with cancer.

Don't Worry, At Least We Will Die Together! | David Hilden

One doctor's journey to connect medical education between the United States and the Middle East has many terrifying (but also numerous humorous) moments.

Getting Steamy with Dr. Uhthoff | Meredith O'Brien

A 19th-century German doctor, hot bath tests, and MS flares: a weather report of an illness.

Hot Stones and Cold Rice | Rose Jones

Wrestling with the challenges of integrating culture into patient care, using lessons learned in St. Lucia.

My First Code Blue | Rayda Joomun

From the lifeless body wheeled in by his wife and daughter to her own father gasping for air at home, this piece taps into the emotion of code blues.

Not In Our Bed | Giamila Fantuzzi

The preservation of one's dying wishes.

Taking A History | Anand Jayanti

In memory of Doris, who lived a colorful life and inspired a medical student.

There's A Limit To Your Love | Margot Hedlin

A medical student questions the ways compassion might stand in the way of effective medical care.

Toenail Chronicles | Hugh Silk

Sometimes a small act of humility can make a big impression on a new patient.

20 Minutes | Andrea Eisenberg

How do we make the transition from caring about ourselves to caring for our patients? A meditation on the drive to do that.