GSW ABDOMEN | Evan Geller


A young man lies naked

on the cold steel table

before me, dying.

Silently, I hear his blood

rushing frantically

into the dark cavern--

organs awash on a deadly,

clotting tide.

I stare for a contemplative

moment at his frail skin,

made glistening bronze

by antiseptic solution.

I cannot take my eyes off

the small hole, neat and

glistening, just to the left

of his navel.

I peer in, but see only dark.

“No pressure,”

a voice to my left.

It is time to dive into the

crimson sea.

A deep breath.

Scalpel, please.

Evan Geller is a general surgeon practicing in NY. In addition to his trauma-themed poetry, he has published a couple of novels and edited a textbook. His essays on medicine and other topics are published at The final novel of his award-winning trilogy, God Bless the Dead, is due out in January 2019.