HEART TRANSPLANT | Schneider Rancy


Think on it:

the heart
a little house
of soft pink flesh
Eve’s blood
flowing through it

how integral
is it
you may be laid upon a table
& cautiously split
down crackling bone?

the beauteous heart
shrivels and flowers, blooms
between two airy sponges

I take it from you
will your
tea-sweetened breath
grow shallow & tremble off
into that
fearful    ?      (silence)
or will you
cry out & grasp
my arm, begging me
“leave it be, leave it be !
though it is defective, it
is mine”

who is to say
we are not all like this?
if you do not feel
how the very rooms
& chambers
of the house have been
torn down & rebuilt around you,

how can I believe you
when you say :
the painted walls have the same
bumpy texture, as always
& you know the occupants of this house
by the lilting music
of their laughter (
when it is
the laughter of ghosts

                   who no longer flit through these rooms ) ?

if you cut out a heart, this heart
( me : your heart )
will there be
any effect
the pale


Schneider K. Rancy is a Haitian-American graduate of Columbia University, where he studied English and Comparative Literature, and Biology. His poetry has been featured in Columbia New Poetry magazine, which publishes experimental works of poetry and art. He is also a matriculating medical student in New York City. His peer-reviewed research articles on nerve and wrist reconstruction have been published in the Journal of Hand Surgery (American Volume), the Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume), and the Journal of Wrist Surgery.