HOW A HEART GROWS | Susan Baller-Shepard

© How a Heart Grows . Susan Baller-Shepard.  Fall 2018 Intima

© How a Heart Grows. Susan Baller-Shepard. Fall 2018 Intima


"How a Heart Grows" is a photo of a radish I grew in a pot on my patio. I photographed it on manilla paper. My son had all these old seeds mixed together, so I didn't know what would grow, but up came this radish, along with carrots and chives, and I loved the shape of it. I didn't use a filter setting when sending it to you, I just wanted natural light. I do paint, but this was a photo.

Susan Baller-Shepard lives and writes on the prairie. Her essays, poetry and photography have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post's 'On Faith section,' the Huffington Post, Spirituality & Health, Writer’s Digest, the Tattooed Buddha, Monasteries of the Heart, and other publications. Her poetry was featured on WGLT-FM Poetry Radio. Finishing Line Press will publish Susan’s poetry collection Doe in March 2019. As an ordained Presbyterian minister with a master of Social Work, she's presented on expressive writing techniques at the University of Iowa's Examined Life Conference, which links medicine and the arts. Baller-Shepard taught college-level religious studies and worked on international development projects in Brazil, China, and Haiti. She loves a good story and appreciates narrative medicine's approach to whole people. @yoursbc,