ICTUS | Ogundare Tope


I.                Tonic


                  I am rubber doll

                 Stretched, contorted

                 Under a spell; watch

                 My eyes travel into

                 The pits of hell.


II.             Clonic


                Frenzied. Frenetic


                Fucked up

                That is me right now

                Dancing in asynchrony

                Under the influence of

                Calcium ions

                Frying my neurons.


III.           Post-ictal


                Limp: that's the new

                Normal, my neurons in

                Hyperpolarization lose

                Their bearings.


                I smell ammonia;

                What did I have for breakfast?

                I wonder if it rained,

                I feel wet.


IV.           Inter-ictal


                It might rain today

                I stay home

                Choosing pity over



                It doesn't rain, I'm relieved!

                Tomorrow I will go out: to

                The park and the mall.

                No, not the mall


                It's too soon. 

Ogundare Tope is a Nigerian poet, short story writer and shrink. Writing is cathartic and he shares pieces of his writing on his blog, www.zaphnathpaaaneah.com.