Gone the feral snarl.

Gone the snapping response.

Gone the twitch towards vehicular manslaughter.

Gone the disturbing impracticality of suicide.


Gone the grinding of molars.

Gone the nights of sweat.

Gone the heartbeat’s drag race.


A pharmaceutical nuke to blast the piss out of me.

Bitter pill. White speed.

Now shrinking milligrams down to nothing.


Welcome back clarity.

Hello again to conversations.

I recognize the missing calm

that opens the door to a flood of words,

this poem.


Larry Oakner’s poems have appeared recently in Tricycle: Buddhist News,, The Shambhala Times, The Jewish Literary Review, Lost Coast Review, Home Planet News and Mystic Nebula. Earlier, his work appeared in Mobius, Long Island Quarterly, CCAR Journal,  Jewish Spectator, Kerem, SPSM&H, MARILYN,  He is also the author of a chapbook, Sitting Still, and his essays on poets Jack Spicer and William Carlos Williams appeared in Manroot and Thoth: Graduate Studies in English (Syracuse University). Oakner has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from UCLA, and works as a branding consultant in New York city