Intima Fall 2016 | NON-FICTION

A Billion Heartbeats | Rod Tanchanco

The power of a pacemaker keeps the heart young. 

Breath Sounds | Blake Gregory

A newly minted physician realizes that an early morning page can be an invitation to participate in another person’s story.

Changeling and the Baroness | Kaja Weeks

An experience from the past reminds a practitioner of her journey towards acceptance and compassion

Day 1 of Dying | Karen Dukess

When a countdown begins, the days bring forth an infinite number of memories.

Double Black Doors | Trev Morgavi

A rotation in psychiatry glimpses the reality of influencing patients

Finding the Words | Kerry Malawista

Visits to a therapist to cope with a physical diagnosis lead to healing of a different sort.

Reap What We Sow | Janice Anderson

A difficult birth helps a practitioner address tensions among the medical team and within herself.

This Story | Melissa Rosato

As dusk falls, a doctor and patient find a new path through the dark corridors of illness.

Tidepools | Jennifer Tsai

Opening the body during surgery opens unusual associations.

Two Minutes | Tim Cunningham

The meaning of the moment, minute, hour on the life and death of a young boy and his nurse.