Bruised Apples | Jack Coulehan

What becomes clear when a physician grapples with the death of his longtime friend and sometime patient. 

Fifteen Rocks | Alexandra Godfrey

Looking deeply in the moment, a mother reflects on love and loss at work and at home.

Fluid | Elisabeth Hedrick Moser

Suddenly, the body is under attack and the lungs are at risk, and a whole new reality emerges. This is how one woman came swimming back.

Red Line Rising | Michael Brown

You might call it a vision quest: How treating a homeless man's eye injury brings more than just the clinical procedure into focus.

What of the Hives | Maddie Norris

A woman interrogates the etiology and etymology of her idiopathic case of hives.

Where Nobody Can Follow | Gary Hunter

The pathfinder: A man faces a series of cancers with strength and courage.