A Rusted Bronze Star | Sarah Bugg

When an old war hero confronts a young resident, the doctor learns how much has really been lost  

ICU | Rob McClure Smith

In crisis, our vision often hides the most important things.

The Kindness of Strangers | Himali McInnes

On kindness, aging and catching the perfect breath

Lamentations | Diana Cejas

Freedom from suffering comes in strange and satisfying ways.

Listening to Lyme | Merissa Nathan Gerson

A deeply personal look at a complex and complicated illness.

Looking Through the Album | Martha Nance

Like family members, patients fill the picture books of our souls.

Mena and Natalie | Melissa Franckowiak

Friendship between caregiver and child challenges a nanny’s maternal instincts when illness arises.

Request for a Search and Seizure Warrant in the Matter of Mr. Richard W. Shepard’s Remains | Nels Highberg

A professor searches among fragments of his past for closure never afforded by a friend’s illness and ultimate demise.

Under the Wreckage, An Ocean | M. Sophia Newman

Making sense of trauma through dreams of two buildings that no longer stand

Why Compassion? | Martha Nance

A physician’s musings on “com-passion” with patients with neurodegenerative diseases