After CPR Stops | Marta Christov

Tell this to her husband when she dies

An Inventory of Potions in Tanka | Elizabeth Morton

Personalities of potions in poetic display

Aphasia | Jennifer Wolkin

Questions of meaning: Understanding words that are not understandable

Black is the Color | Richard Kravitz

Reflections on the color and physicality of a cancer diagnosis

Bodies Revealed Exhibition | Joanna White

A woman visits a museum with her children and is haunted by the medical terrors of her past 

Brain as Timepiece | Jennifer Wolkin

A clinician and a patient with Dementia, and the evaluation of consistently fleeting moments

Cancer Speaks in Tongues | Suzanne Edison

The vernacular of cancer is varied and vast, with sounds that resound time and time again.

Captain’s Song | Marta Christov

There’s still time before the crash to consider what’s come before it.

The Delivery | Scott Ruescher

The beauty of midwifery in an indigenous community

Driving | Meg Lindsay

A caregiver makes a life or death decision.

Entering the Sick Room | Cortney Davis

How to be the bearer of news.

Granny Must Grieve | Suzanne Crowe

The memory of a tragedy lingers in the knitting of tiny hats.

GSW Abdomen | Evan Geller

A searing contemplation of a wound

The Handkerchief | Paul Taylor McCartney

The connections between moments of joy and grief are held in a piece of fabric.

It Was The Second Patient of The Day | Cortney Davis

Daily musings: Seeing the people one cares about in the people one cares for

Kübler-Ross | Schneider K. Rancy

Death and dying: A vivid reimagining of Kubler-Ross’ traditional five stages of grief.

Oh, God | Sanjay Chainani

An examination of a patient’s feelings and faith in the face of his imminent death.

Operation Room | Emma Callen

A request for compassion during a moment of vulnerability.

Oxygen | Hollis Kurman

Coming to terms with the things we take for granted

Perfusion | Lois Leveen

A portrait of a perfusionist, or cardiopulmonary bypass doctor, at work

Prayers for the Sick | Susan Baller-Shepard

All of a sudden, the vulnerability of a son, or your best friends, call into question what to do.

The Sculptor and The Scalpel | Nilofar Hassanzadeh

A surgeon is an artist and a performer with graceful, sometimes mortal, strokes.

Tata | Christopher Adamson

Remembrances—of a grandmother, a philosopher—make for a lasting memory.

Underground | Caitlin Gildrien

The myth of Persephone plays a haunting part in a medical procedure

Untitled | Sollette Doucet

A prescription for treatment doesn’t always mean you’re cured.

Visible Signs | Meg Lindsay

Small talk with the oncologist can’t mask what’s really being said.

Watching a Synesthete IRL | Jennifer Wolkin

Travel through the different seasons of sounds as the human body flows through digestion.

What Was, Still Is | Alida Rol

This memory poem looks back with compassion at a long-ago procedure.

X-Ray | Harriet Heydemann

Shadowy and smoky, X-rays reveal the mysteries of a body.