Adult ADHD Screening Questionnaire | Kathy Tran

A medical questionnaire provides glimpses into a whirring, tumbling mind

After a Year in Hospitals | Alida Rol

When a brother's life flashes before a sibling's eyes, years of love, laughter and pain pierce the final silence. 

Anatomy in Nature | Jesse Holth

An astute observation of botanical anthropomorphism and nature in the shape of humans.

At the Green Burial Informational Luncheon | Ingrid Andersson

Musing on where to place the body of a loved one when they pass

A White Feather Falls at My Feet on the Anniversary of Your Death | Dianne Avey

Writing an elegy becomes an exercise in listening closely to one's beloved.

Becoming a Doctor | Brent Schnipke

Trials and tribulations inspire this riveting and enlightening description of both ends of the spectrum of becoming a doctor—from the gritty details to the luminescent.

The Body Lives Its Undoing | Suzanne Edison

An exploration into control versus chaos in the sick body

Disheartening News | Alina Plavsky

Sometimes there are only bad signs, no matter where you look.

Dorothy's Hands | Pamela Hart

An attentive tribute to what happened to Dorothy's body over the years.

Listen to the Ocean | Ron Lands

The cadence of breaths and waves eases a transition.

Push | Ocean

Engagement promotes a poignant exchange filled with anticipation and prescience.

Relapse | Carolyn Welch

A mother expresses the depth of mental illness in the back drop of the ordinary.

The Tunnel | Lisa Alexander Baron

Two children visit their mothers at the sanatorium.

They Sold My Brain to Science | Sarah Sparks

Funny business informs this humorous take on organ dissection and preservation.

What Will I Do with You | Charlotte Friedman

Nuance and narrative: A daughter tries to come to terms with her mother's illness and impending death.