Bathing My Mother | John C. Mannone

A daily ritual can be an experience that changes the way we look at our world.

Breathe | Sheila Kelly

Praying and trying to stay afloat amidst a pool of past memories.

Breathing In Hospice | Alina Siddiqui

Settle into the rhythms of the dying. 

Bruits | Martin Seneviratne

Symphony, by The Heart.

Buried, Somewhere | Molly Fels

Memory is ushered in through the holding of a hand.

Chemistry of Prognosis | Kirk Hathaway

There's solace in looking ahead to what might be ... and how love might survive.

Dear Patient | Jen Hartmark-Hill

When one listens closely, revelations come at the most unexpected times.

d.IF.ferent | Billie Holladay Skelley

A look inside the isolating nature of PTSD.

The "Difficult Patient" | Kendra Peterson

Between noticing suffering and not. 

Diving into the OR | Geoffrey Rubin

An operation as oceanic excavation.

Doctoring in Nicaragua | Greg Stidham

Reflection and its rewards: A physician looks back with satisfaction on a job well done.

Falling | Larry Oakner

A series of events gives rise to questions about an incident in the past.

For My Father, Lost | Larry Oakner

Memories, found: A son relives a long-ago trip to the berry farm with his dad.

Intro to Physicianship | Lala Tanmoy Das

A new physician undergoes the hardest test of the field.

I Was Satisfied With Silence | Mikki Aronoff

Living away from the death of silence

Just in Case | Dylan Debelis

Grief appears in both the obvious and inconspicuous occurrences after death.

Life After Prednisone | Larry Oakner

Once treatment is provided, the smoke clears.

New Epileptic | Greg Stidham

Nerves, pens, and breath conspire to create a telling moment.

NSCLC | Sydney Sheltz-Kempf

Knowledge and time change the way we witness a loved one's final moments.

Ode on a Styrofoam Cup | Christopher Adamson

Details come into sharp focus at a pivotal moment in time

Order | Catherine Klatzker

In chaos, sometimes all we have to hold onto is order.

Parsonage-Turner: Pathologic Study | Schneider Rancy

A meditation on the way our bodies work—or don't.

Self Portrait as an Anatomy Lab Cadaver | Lisa Kerr Dunn

Dissecting the misplaced ownership of women's reproductive organs.

She Waits | Sheila Kelly

Commitment to care takes a toll, even for a daughter who's there at the ready.

Specimen A | Tharshika Thangarasa

Anatomy lessons provide more than just a clinical education when one takes a moment to reflect.