A Vacancy of Wings | Samantha Barrow

The realization of loss comes at unexpected moments.

All The Girls Were There, and Gorgeous | Carlene Kucharczyk

A granddaughter listens to the clues of a life well-lived by her grandmother before the onset of Alzheimer's.

Carnival of Rust: Haiku Sequence | Lala Tanmoy Das

Lung cancer quietly devastates.

Coming Back North | Bruce Jennings

Illness can take people in different directions — until they find their way back home.

Exchange | Wendy French

A glimpse into a quiet world.

Glioblastoma | Carrie Gilman

What is seen by those afflicted isn't easily discussed or understood by others.

Heart Transplant | Schneider Rancy

In the space between illness and wellness, the body still yearns to be acknowledged.

Hospital Baby | Anne Merritt

A single precious moment in time can reveal multitudes.

Ictus | Ogundare Tope

The road back from a trauma can begin by taking the smallest of steps.

In The Shadow of Wings | Megan Maier

Trying not to listen to what you cannot hear. 

Leap Day | Carolyn Oliver

Goodbye over Facetime. Call ended.

Not Every Homemade Thing | Katherine Seluja

Inviting Parkinsons over for dinner.

Ocean Bloom Across The Operating Table | Shabnam Shehan

A physician, a parent, and a shared grief. 

Ode to Melatonin | Jen Karetnick

Shakespeare frames dreamless sleep of a Parkinson's patient.

Osteosarcoma | Sarah Shirley

Tangible loss cloaked with piercing love: Bravery once removed.

Palliation | Sarah Shirley

A reflection of a lifetime, literally. The slightest minutiae of life grows in stature as one's own comes to a close.

Vestibular | Bekka DePew

Love catches you when you fall down.

Wernicke-Korsakoff | Sarah Shirley

Teasing out the person from the illness. Kübler-Ross transitions at its best.

Why I Changed My Ringtone | Charlotte Jones

A compelling way to say goodbye.