Intima Archives | POETRY G-L by title

The Ghost of You | Rosie Garland | FALL 2013

A friendship lasts, to the finish line and beyond.

Glioblastoma | Carrie Gilman | SPRING 2017

What is seen by those afflicted isn't easily discussed or understood by others.

The Gurney | Lorri Danzig | FALL 2012

A hospital trip and a journey of illness marked by questioning, pain, and empathy.

Hands | Clare Constance | FALL 2014

Reynaud's syndrome doesn't halt the work of a compassionate caregiver.

Healing Hands | John C. Berens | SPRING 2014

Sometimes a patient sees what a doctor himself cannot see.

Heart Transplant | Schneider Rancy | SPRING 2017

In the space between illness and wellness, the body still yearns to be acknowledged.

Hospital Baby | Anne Merritt | SPRING 2017

A single precious moment in time can reveal multitudes.

Ictus | Ogundare Tope | SPRING 2017

The road back from a trauma can begin by taking the smallest of steps.

I Don't Feel the Same Anymore | Jonathan Meyer | FALL 2012

As a woman grapples with how illness has changed her body, her view of the world and herself changes too

I Kiss You | Tom Whayne | FALL 2013

Illness creates its own kind of intimacy between loved ones.

In the Botanical Garden at Golden Gate Park | Leatha Kendrick | FALL 2013

Confronting mortality—especially a loved one's—comes at unexpected times.

Indigo | Susan Sample | SPRING 2014

A contemplation of the rhythm of water, treatment, and the memory of a father.  

Infectious | Doug Hester | FALL 2014

A change in the season brings its own form of light and enlightenment to our lives.

Intensive Care | Kristen Camitta Zimet | FALL 2013

Every day takes flight in its own way when confronting illness.

The Interpretation | Elle Silver | SPRING 2015

What do we learn from the test data? Much is revealed in the subjectivity of a diagnosis.

In The Shadow of Wings | Megan Maier | SPRING 2017

Trying not to listen to what you cannot hear. 

Intro to Physicianship | Lala Tanmoy Das | FALL 2017

A new physician undergoes the hardest test of the field.

I Was Satisfied With Silence | Mikki Aronoff | FALL 2017

Living away from the death of silence

John Forbes Nash. Jr. | Eleanor Levine | FALL 2014

When a beautiful mind meets an ugly illness, brilliance and chaos ensue.

Just in Case | Dylan Debelis | FALL 2017

Grief appears in both the obvious and inconspicuous occurrences after death.

Lamentations of Cancer | Janell Ball | FALL 2012

A poem about a daughter's experience of her mother's brain cancer and the ongoing battle her family faced.

Leap Day | Carolyn Oliver | SPRING 2017

Goodbye over Facetime. Call ended.

Letter to a 93-year-old Cadaver | Jennifer Stella | SPRING 2014

Revelations about dissection from a doctor who chooses not to distance herself from it.

Life After Prednisone | Larry Oakner | FALL 2017

Once treatment is provided, the smoke clears.

Limbless | Marilyn Arenas | FALL 2013

A nurse recalls the long painful process that ultimately results in a profound loss.

Line of Beauty | Arlene Weiner | SPRING 2015

Aesthetics of a surgical procedure: what doctors and patients see is often different.

Listen to the Ocean | Ron Lands | SPRING 2018

The cadence of breaths and waves eases a transition.

Love Compounded | Mary Oak | SPRING 2016

How cancer spreads with terror everywhere, yet those who experience it are one of many.