his fingers formed an abrazo with his beloved No. 7

a singular intimacy evolved from many years of companionship

an effortless embrace, defined by precision

his methodical caution was a humbling nuance to a sophistication of steadiness

cascades of fine, swift strokes

glimmers of steel glided through the exposed cavity

time became an illusion

for only a moment too fast or a moment too slow

and life's red dress would paint the stage.


Nilofar Hassanzadeh is an aspiring surgeon, educator, and global health advocate dedicated to preserving a standard of humanism and humility in the practice of medicine. Hassanzadeh incorporates narratives within her medical work that have the ability to redefine care and bring forth an understanding that there is nothing neutral or finite about suffering. Her focus is to lead and empower fellow healthcare professionals and patients through education while maintaining a specific interest in addressing the global burden of surgical disease by providing access to safe and affordable surgical care to low and middle-income countries worldwide.