My throat hurts.


Don’t worry love, that feeling won’t last, you aren’t choking

you can breathe even after, I promise


Will my heart stop beating?


I love you, I promise the world, I promise the gentle tapping of the rain


And this? Is this small enough to swallow?


The grass and the ground and the mulch and the sky are not quite

as frightening as you think, the trees only mark the time

in galaxies of wood. Sweetheart, I’m


                                                                       Is there dirt on my hands?



            I feel it in the back of my throat. Is there anything there?


here. You are fine, the world

wouldn’t be as beautiful covered in glass,

you know that.


Check again.


Stop. I’ll promise tomorrow even, just stop asking me,


            Watch me, I need you to see, if I stop breathing and what        


Stop please, honey

            the world isn’t like that I can’t


what if my heart stops?

                                                                                    Answer this.



Bekka DePew is a first year medical student living in Nashville, TN. She loves biking, music, seasons, and Christmas lights.