DIAGNOSIS | Simona Carini


Feet strapped to my scull, I launch and free
the clock, stall the time drain, my churn, your pain.
Through morning fog the pastel sunrise streams:
Catch, drive, recovery, then catch again.
Slow strokes on water barely awake,
I glide backward towards a future day
I glimpse without your eyes, and leave a wake,
a line, to tell the birds hope’s flown away.
My oar blades break the water’s silky plane.
Their rhythmic dip the loudest sound around,
a measured pulse that drives away the ache,
repels the dark that drags me deep to drown.
I balance on the water seeking grace
to breathe and draw a trace that leaves no trace.

Simona Carini, who was born in Perugia, Italy, is a graduate of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Italy and Mills College. Carini writes nonfiction and poetry and has been published in various print and online venues. She lives in Northern California with her husband and works as an academic researcher in Medical Information Science. Find more of her work at simonacarini.com.