Intima Spring 2018 | FICTION


After Midnight | Carol Scott-Connor

Sirens, the ER and blood from an array of perspectives: A team of clinicians tell the tale of a harrowing interlude.

Cause of Death | Yu Li

One night, an autopsy turns out to be more than just a standard procedure.

Cups and Such | Andrew Taylor-Troutman

A father's love for his daughter will not be diminished by ALS.

Dahlia | Christine Naff

Nomenclature and narrative: A daughter struggles with the advancing dementia of her mother, who has given her family unusual names.

Sisters of Mercy | Eileen Valinoti

The coming of age of a young nurse is aided by humor, compassion and a strict instructor.

Sometimes I Pretend | Kany Aziz

For many, coping takes creativity to be effective: A vivid imagination helps a cancer patient escape her reality.