Intima Fall 2016 | POETRY


A Cute Kidney Failure | Sarah Safford

Humor can manifest even in the face of illness.

Assisted Living Lullaby | Ellen Sazzman

Some melodies evoke memories that continue to bring pleasure.

Birds of Prayer | Sara Adler

With feathers: The high flight of hope.

Berry Picking | Sara Adler

Questions about what's in our food intrude on a simple outing.

Family as Six Scenes | Ting Gou

Those most familiar to us come together through stories.

Old Men | John C. Mannone

Four friends meet at the diner for breakfast and puzzles.

Sovereign and Severe | Woods Nash

Reflecting on being transported to life in Moshi, Tanzania

Tandem | Joan Michelson

Turn of phase: The turning wheels of the bicycle, of marriage, and of life.

Tense | Anne Vinsel

Love inside and outside of time. 

Under Morning Sun in a Cloudless Sky | Ellen Sazzman

Weather forecast: A journey of life, loss and ownership. 

Vanishing Point | Ting Gou

A physician at sea appreciates daily life.