Intima Fall 2016 | ACADEMIC



Cancer Memoirs in Narrative Strategy: Are Our Stories as Valuable as Our Breasts? | Nashwa Khan

Addressing pinkwashing and over-sexualization of the female breasts, breast cancer storytelling intersects with feminine identity.

Crisis Averted in Infinite Lives: Utilizing Comics as Clinical Art Therapy | Ally Shwed

Through analysis and experience a potential new application of a familiar medium is presented and explored.

Storytelling, Illness and Carl Jung's Active Imagination: A Conversation with Dr. Rita Charon of the Narrative Medicine Program | Kelly Goss

A student introduces Rita Charon to Carl Jung's theories and they discuss the overlapping fields of thought and practice over a cup of tea. 

The Use of Narrative Practices by Expatriate Health Care Providers Treating Ebola Patients in Western Africa from 2013-2016 | Marina Catallozi, Tim Cunningham and Megan Striplin

Lessons in self-care for clinicians: A look at the ways narrative practices such as art, journaling and writing aided health care workers during the Ebola crisis.