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The Magic Wand | Brian Deady | FALL 2018

A physician doesn’t have all the answers, even when the patient’s diagnosis truly hits home - but his compassionate encounter serves both his patient and his son.

"Meaningfull" | Daniel Waters | FALL 2015

Definitions, definitions... even surgeons need to cut to the chase.

Medical Metamorphosis | Jessica Little | FALL 2014

During residency, a doctor facing alienation struggles to maintain her humanity.

Migrations | Esther Lee | SPRING 2016

A medical student and her patient struggle to communicate in a hospital far from their native countries. 

Morning | Olivia DiLeonardo | FALL 2015

An acknowledgment of significance in the fragments of a day.

My First Code Blue | Rayda Joomun | SPRING 2017

From the lifeless body wheeled in by his wife and daughter to her own father gasping for air at home, this piece taps into the emotion of code blues.

My Year in Narrative Medicine | Dana Gage | FALL 2011

A doctor reflects on learning a new discipline that is enlightening, rigorous and mysterious.

Nails | Katarina Doan-Thu Nguyen | SPRING 2013

One doctor learns that eyes aren't the only window into the soul.

No Time for Tears Today | William Fyfe | FALL 2017

The eagerness and anxiety of a young doctor on their first clinical rotation unfold in the retelling of their first week.

Not In Our Bed | Giamila Fantuzzi | SPRING 2017

Returning home to die isn't always the right choice for everyone.

Now and Then | John Jacobson | FALL 2018

Caregiver grief fails to fit into the mold of traditional models of grief - loss is just as stark when the one you grieve is with you.

One Thousand and One Diagnoses | Anna Rita Amboziak | SPRING 2014

It isn't always easy to engage a patient in narrative discourse, but the effort to do so has value.

Palpate: To Examine by Touch | Carly Bergey | FALL 2016

A family vacation forces a woman to confront the physical evidence of her father's throat cancer.

Parodoxical Wishes | Dan Luftig | FALL 2013

Should a doctor feel guilty if he wishes for an unusual case? Can anything assuage that guilty feeling?

Pedagogy By the Oppressed: My Journey to Narrative Medicine | Apurva Khedagi | SPRING 2016

Unexpected pathways through the slums of India lead a young woman to a new field.

Peppermint Oil | Julia Michie Bruckner | SPRING 2019

How to find the person under the pathology with pie and a pick-me-up essential oil. 

Perilous Privilege | Lisa Jacobs | SPRING 2019

A psychiatrist probes beyond her patient’s depression and simultaneously begins to understand herself.

PICU | Jessica Cheng | FALL 2018

A doctor in the pediatric intensive care unit learns that things are not always what they seem.

Poetic Therapy | Elaine Benton | SPRING 2013

A patient with Gaucher's and Parkinson's diseases advocates for poems as well as narrative medicine.

Pomegranate Hearts | Michelle Izmaylov | SPRING 2016

What remains when the forgotten parts of an experience are shed? 

Ready or Not | H. Lee Kagan | SPRING 2014

What is our responsibility to witness a death when there is no one else there to witness?

Robes the Color of Saffron | Hannah Wellman | FALL 2017

When healing isn't an option, time's passage offers hope.

Scrap of a Story | Collin Mulcahy | FALL 2018

Jolted out of complacency, a young doctor identifies with a patient and learns something important about himself.

Semantics in the Elevator | Philip Berry | FALL 2016

Going up? A doctor narrates the complexities of apology within care.

Seven Hundred Fifty-Four Kilometers | Heli Patel | SPRING 2018

How many miles would you walk for a medical procedure? A tale about a father and a son who traveled the distance for a crucial operation.

Shift/Change | Aya Sato | SPRING 2018

Nurturing, comforting, chatting, attending: the responsibilities of a doula at an abortion clinic go beyond clinical procedures.

Strength and Courage | David Pineles | FALL 2014

A patient’s mother gives a doctor a lifesaving lesson during pediatric rounds.

Stuck | Vik Reddy | SPRING 2015

A close call brings a medical newcomer to a realization about drawing blood—and his calling.

Suffer Little Children | Pranav Nanda | FALL 2015

A reflection on the initial exposure to suffering, and the price of inaction.

Taking A History | Anand Jayanti | SPRING 2017

In memory of Doris, who lived a colorful life and inspired a medical student.

Talking in Toys | Hans Steiner | SPRING 2015

Listening to a child who needs help is a form of play with profound implications.

Tell Me A Story: Using Narrative History with Older Patients | Chris Frank |  SPRING 2014

Asking about a person's accent or hearing a tale about a moment in history enriches the clinical encounter for everyone involved

The Operation: The Value of Ethnography in Highlighting Social and Personal Complexity | Vaidehi Mujumdar | FALL 2014

In the heart of Mumbai, a researcher comes to understand the value of sharing stories.

Therapy Space | Andrea Hansell | SPRING 2016

Will you pass the "Cockroach test"?

There's A Limit To Your Love | Margot Hedlin | SPRING 2017

A medical student questions the ways compassion might stand in the way of effective medical care.

Things I Learned About Myself on My Surgery Clerkship | Stephanie Yarnell | FALL 2012

When doctors don't listen—to patients and to each other—a needless tragedy can occur.

Toenail Chronicles | Hugh Silk | SPRING 2017

Sometimes a small act of humility can make a big impression on a new patient.

To Pronounce | Thomas J. Doyle | SPRING 2018

A physician remembers how to preserve humanity when diagnosing death.

20 Minutes | Andrea Eisenberg | SPRING 2017

How do we make the transition from caring about ourselves to caring for our patients? A meditation on the drive to do that.

Viola Strings and Other Troubles: Mentoring a Medical Student's Artistic Endeavors | Erica Fletcher | SPRING 2014

Being in tune with others involves listening to what they say and considering what they need.

Voices | Susan Hannah | FALL 2011

We hear you: In their daily lives, clinicians listen and respond to a multitude of messages.

The Weight | Vik Reddy | SPRING 2019

A physician looks back to humbly acknowledge the weight of his early mistakes

We Should All Be Storytellers | Giannina Muncey | SPRING 2019

To help a grieving family find acceptance, a doctor offers anecdote instead of advice

What Does a Doctor Look Like? | Lara Devgan | SPRING 2014

Medical competence is judged in many ways, but the perception of it is often predictable.

What Does A Patient Advocate Do? | Ellen Kolton | FALL 2013

There are times when a person who has seemingly lost everything teaches another what matters.

With Dignity | Ashley Chapman | SPRING 2016

A young medical student learns about loss while observing a veteran physician's empathy.

Witness | Annie Robinson | FALL 2013

Observations at a clinic in the Bronx reveal the important role a doula plays in the clinical encounter.

Witness: On Telling | Josephine Ensign | FALL 2017

Illness narratives can be expressed in different forms; carefully listening to each is how healing begins.

Writing the Cure | Linda Kobert | SPRING 2016

An unexpected diagnosis inspires a nurse to pursue alternative methods of self-care.