Frankenstein  by Kriota Willberg.  Fall 2017 Intima

Frankenstein by Kriota Willberg. Fall 2017 Intima

Kriota Willberg uses comics, needlework, historical studies, bioethics, and her experiences as a massage therapist and health science educator to explore body/science narratives. Her minicomics series include Pictorial Anatomy and Pathology Laffs. In April 2018 Uncivilized Books will publish her injury care and prevention for cartoonists manual, Draw Stronger. Her comics appear in: SubCultures, and Awsome Possum 3, 4PANEL, Strumpet 5, Comics for Choice; the up-coming Graphic Canon; as well as the journals Intima and Broken Pencil. Willberg is the inaugural Artist In Residence at the New York Academy of Medicine Library. For more: