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A Billion Heartbeats | Rod Tanchanco | FALL 2016

The power of a pacemaker keeps the heart young.

A Crippled Cassandra | Kelley Shinn | FALL 2013

When a doctor tells her she'll never have children after losing her legs at sixteen, a writer predicts a different outcome for her life.

A Rusted Bronze Star | Sarah Bugg | FALL 2018

When an old war hero confronts a young resident, the doctor learns how much has really been lost  

After | Melissa Cronin | FALL 2017

Two sisters experience an irrevocable separation.

Again | Randy Hale | SPRING 2015

The possibility of a second battle with illness leads to a different reaction from the first time

A Good Night Out | Tim Cunningham | SPRING 2014

An ER nurse struggles with the concept of compassion during a patient encounter.

A Life Less Terrifying: The Re-Visionary Lens of Illness | Ann Wallace | SPRING 2016

What does it mean to look back, relocate our identity, and revise our story?

The Anatomy Lesson | Olivia DiLeonardo | SPRING 2016

A woman learns more than just anatomy when she visits a dissection lab.

An Unexpected Healer | Julia McGuinness | FALL 2014

At the intersection of medical training and a personal tragedy, a first year student unlocks a profound truth.

A Year With 'Susan' | Chris Cai | FALL 2014

Sometimes, says a public health student, developing a friendship has more impact than a lecture.

Baby Girl | Erin George | SPRING 2017

A heart-wrenching tale of a young life.

The Baby on the Bus | Nina Gaby | SPRING 2015

We never know how our actions may alter the course of a life. A psychiatric nurse reflects on duty, the death of a parent and coincidence.

Beauty | Ann Casapini | SPRING 2015

A veteran returns from war and must deal with an unseen enemy

Believing in Chinese Medicine | Lily Chan | FALL 2014

A medical student, raised on herbal remedies (banlengen and snake gallbladder extract to name a few), considers how an Eastern philosophy of healing has affected her clinical viewpoint today.

The Best There Is? | Barbara Pilvin | SPRING 2014

The conflicts and contradictions of living with a condition such as lymphedema.

Breath Sounds | Blake Gregory | FALL 2016

A newly minted physician realizes that an early morning page can be an invitation to participate in another person’s story.

The Bright Speck | Dixon Yang  | SPRING 2016

What happens when the only doctor a patient trusts is a medical student?

Bruised Apples | Jack Coulehan | SPRING 2018

What becomes clear when a physician grapples with the death of his longtime friend and sometime patient. 

C18.9 Malignant Neoplasm of Colon, Unspecified | Rohini Harvey | FALL 2017

A billing code. A diagnosis. An upturned world.

Cancer Diva | Marcia Butler | SPRING 2015

After years of performing, a concert musician takes center stage for reasons other than her skill.

Caretaker | Laura Hinton | FALL 2013

A woman grapples with a new role in her life, which challenges everything that came before it.

Changeling and the Baroness | Kaja Weeks | FALL 2016

An experience from the past reminds a practitioner of her journey towards acceptance and compassion

Christmas Day | Richard Sidlow | SPRING 2015

On an otherwise quiet day, a moment between a mother and child impacts everyone present

Constellations | Julia Sevy | SPRING 2015

If stars have a meaning, do tumors have a meaning too?

Chemo Chemistry | Mariel Z. Knight | SPRING 2016

Not exactly love at first sight: A leukemia patient falls for her oncologist.

Clinical Flashback | Osman Bhatty | FALL 2014

When should a doctor listen to a patient? Read and decide for yourself.

Coming Out of the Medical Closet | Angelica Recierdo | SPRING 2014

Courage is needed to face the unpredictable events that occur at a hospital.

Communion | Richard Chisolm | SPRING 2013

A television producer spends his 50th birthday in an unexpected setting. 

Cura Personalis | Lauren Boehm | SPRING 2013

Do you drink?

D/D | Maureen Hirthler | FALL 2014

A mother and a doctor daughter. A deathbed. Can Charles Barkley bring them together?

Daddy | Jennifer Abcug | SPRING 2019

Role reversal: A daughter learns about kidney dialysis and a new way to take care of her father.

Day 1 of Dying | Karen Dukess | FALL 2016

When a countdown begins, the days bring forth an infinite number of memories.

Death of an Old Farmer | M. Sophia Newman | FALL 2014

In a remote village in Ghana, a pre-med student struggles with the desire to "do no harm."

Dextrocardia | Gregory Fagan | FALL 2012

A heart condition leads to a change of heart about how to engage with illness.

Diabetes Diary | Jonathan Garfinkel | SPRING 2019

Reflections on the experience of diabetes and the promises — and the limits — of technology.

Disclosure Day | Kathryn Cantrell | SPRING 2015

Every patient is a story, awaiting to be read.

Doors, Walls, Barriers, and How We Break Them Down | Jake Drobner | FALL 2017

Adult Emergency Services: A Bellevue hospital volunteer recounts a night on the ward that counted.

Double Black Doors | Trev Morgavi | FALL 2016

A rotation in psychiatry glimpses the reality of influencing patients.

The Dragonslayer | Andrea Hansell | SPRING 2015

Personal and collective narratives coincide in this account of a husband's illness and death during the events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing.

Dust | Mary Pan | SPRING 2016

Touch, patience, camaraderie: A physician learns the value of some vanishing skills in medicinein a rural Kenyan hospital.

Edentulism | Justin Millan | SPRING 2019

After working a code that fails: Twenty, thirty, forty-five minutes to transform the scene before the family arrives.  

Eight Grown Children | Ann Casapini | SPRING 2015

If the truth hurts, do you still have to tell it?

Eight Months After A Suicide Attempt | Andrea Rosenhaft | SPRING 2015

The struggle to stay alive, like a splinter that eludes the tweezers

Emergency Care and Loss | Kristy Byrd | FALL 2012

A long night in the ER brings a pregnant patient into contact with a cast of characters.

Extended Bodies | Alli Morgan | FALL 2015

A patient-guided journey through the body's gains and losses during a prolonged illness.

Fifteen Rocks | Alexandra Godfrey | SPRING 2018

Looking deeply in the moment, a mother reflects on love and loss at work and at home.

Fighting to Heal | Olaf Kroneman | FALL 2017

A shared love of boxing brings a doctor and his patient to a greater understanding of illness and race.

Finding the Words | Kerry Malawista | FALL 2016

Visits to a therapist to cope with a physical diagnosis lead to healing of a different sort.

Fluid | Elisabeth Hedrick Moser | SPRING 2018

Suddenly, the body is under attack and the lungs are at risk, and a whole new reality emerges. This is how one woman came swimming back.

Flying Into Jerusalem | Katherine Macfarlane | SPRING 2015

In pursuit of fertility, a law professor discovers there is no medical compass to guide her.

Fortitude and Patience | Jane Zhao | SPRING 2014

A sprained ankle leads to this meditation on walking, the fragility of the body, and the memory of a grandmother.

Ganpati's Garden | Nikhil Wadhwani | SPRING 2013

The nature of change is reflected in so many ways generation by generation, season by season.

Genealogy | Holly Schechter | FALL 2014

Of babies and Bubbies: When a new generation is on the horizon, we recall the past.

Gifts in a 24-hour Period | Alma Robles | FALL 2013

When families and cultures collide: a memoir about birthday presents, CT scans and chocolate.

Graduations | Nina Collins | FALL 2012

A daughter thinks about a secret her mother kept from her many years ago.

The Gypsy | Alyse Keller | SPRING 2019

Crazy things happen: An amusing tale involving MS, drinks, daughters, a mom—and happy (sort of) accidents.

Hallelujah | Suzanne Ohlmann | SPRING 2019

Laughter, song, and poop jokes: a woman and her mother-in-law share joy during a time of sickness

Hanging Out with the Boys at General Hospital | Greg Stidham | FALL 2017

A motley crew of three old men share a hospital room and jolly times.

Hey Hey Hey Hey | Steve Street | SPRING 2014

A writer prepares to live in the face of death. 

How Quickly Do We Forget? | Zohar Lederman and Nicole Marcomini | SPRING 2013

Two doctors, two stories, one patient—many interpretations.

ICU | Rob McClure Smith | FALL 2019

In crisis, our vision often hides the most important things.

The ICU and You | Ann Etta Green | FALL 2013

Calls to return to the hospital, conflicting calls by doctors—confusion sometimes reigns, causing chaos.

ICU Man | Sarah Garvey | SPRING 2016

Lessons learned when the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit becomes a reflection of a bigger picture to see.

The Identification | Mari Georgeson | FALL 2015

A brief encounter leaves a lasting impression and raises questions for a Public Health professional.

I'm Too Young To Be Here | Nadia Hannan | SPRING 2017

The aftershocks of a youthful cancer force a woman to face aging differently.

Incompatible With Life | Sadaf Qureshi | FALL 2013

To live or to die? A med student discovers there is harmony, rather than a disparity, between the two.

Into the Arms of Strangers | Sara Lukinson | FALL 2017

A community welcomes family members into the world of illness.

The Journey Through the Forest | Lawrence Hergott | FALL 2012

A doctor muses about becoming a physician and the importance of courage in the face of every day care.

The Kindness of Strangers | Himali McInnes | FALL 2018

On kindness, aging and catching the perfect breath

Lamentations | Diana Cejas | FALL 2018

Freedom from suffering comes in strange and satisfying ways.

Last Dance | Ellen LaPointe | FALL 2014

Attending to a parent in the last years of her life is an emotional choreography of sorts.

The Lilac House | Sarah Gurley-Green | FALL 2012

The memory of a childhood sanctuary provides comfort through the trial of cancer.

Listening to Lyme | Merissa Nathan Gerson | FALL 2018

A deeply personal look at a complex and complicated illness.

Looking Through the Album | Martha Nance | FALL 2018

Like family members, patients fill the picture books of our souls.