My Father's Blood Draw Kit. Betsy Andersen. Acrylic on canvas. Fall 2015 Intima.

Betsy Andersen is Founding Executive Director of Museo Eduardo Carrillo, an online museum ( In that role she served as Executive Producer for the award-winning documentary, “Eduardo Carrillo: A Life of Engagement”; she also curates online exhibits, develops educational programs that feature contemporary Chicano/a artists, and assists in the development of an upcoming traveling retrospective of Carrillo’s art. Andersen paints and draws in Santa Cruz, California.  She received her BA from University of California, Santa Cruz in 1978, and as co- founder of the Mural Collaborative Woven Stories, Woven Lives with Betty Lou Sturm, her work with community groups making murals gained national recognition through Join Hands Day in early 2003.

Artist's note: I grew up with medical books and journals filling the wall of a built in bookcase in the living room.  I could pull out at will books filled with unusual conditions that afflict the body: tumors like grapes falling from someone's chin.  And there were rosy and purple colored abstractions that meant something awful in some anonymous person's life. They were intriguing.