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Maps to Nowhere | Ligia Batista | FALL 2014

Class dismissed: A lecture on PTSD becomes a lesson in recovery for the professor.

Maybe That's Why I Became a Psychiatrist | Jacob Freedman | SPRING 2015

What exists beyond the limits of a social history and diagnostic algorithms?

The Next Best Day | Paul Perilli | FALL 2016

A memory from the past resurfaces when the future seems uncertain.

Night Watch | Dana Gage | FALL 2011

A young doctor learns a touching lesson from a child's parent.

Numb | Julie Rea | FALL 2014

Sometimes the unlikeliest person from long ago becomes an agent of change, a muse to a memory.

The Piercer | M. Krockmalnik Grabois | FALL 2014

In a state hospital in the Florida Panhandle, we meet the Treatment Team and a group of patients who defy treatment.

Pretending Not To Know | Priscilla Mainardi | SPRING 2014

If a patient is an accused killer, how should a clinician react? Is it a case where knowledge is power—or not?

Quiet, Quiet Room | Andrew Boden | SPRING 2016

A father devotes his life to caring for his mentally ill daughter.  Now can she save him?

The Room | Jodi Paik | FALL 2016

A young patient's perspective on his hospital room and the life he lives in it. 

Shelter | Jane Ratcliffe | SPRING 2013

How does illness shape a relationship? How can disaster breed love?

Sisters of Mercy | Eileen Valinoti | SPRING 2018

The coming of age of a young nurse is aided by humor, compassion and a strict instructor.

Sometimes I Pretend | Kany Aziz | SPRING 2018

For many, coping takes creativity to be effective: A vivid imagination helps a cancer patient escape her reality. 

Steps to Footcare | Josephine Ensign | SPRING 2014

An instruction manual, of sorts—for doctors open to what's really being taught.

Stone Free | Tim Muldoon | FALL 2015

Can a sick young woman's doctors help her realize her big dreams? 

The Sun in Cannes | Sara Baker | SPRING 2015

We can only hope for clarity in the chaos of a medical emergency

Symptoms (Multiple Schlerosis) | Andrew Hincapie | FALL 2017

Glimpse a patient experience through a "how to" motif.

Trigger Points | Eli Cahan | FALL 2018

A tale of fibroymyalgia: “Whether the burden brought the pain, or whether the pain brought the burden, she does not know.”

Triumphant | Joy Liu | SPRING 2017

A doctor's reflection on navigating cancer with a patient.

Untidy Lipstick | Irena Tan | FALL 2018

Sisterhood shines bright, even in the face of cancer.

Waiting | Sean Murphy | SPRING 2017

What flickers through the mind in the waiting room?

Waiting | William French | SPRING 2019

Thoughts and sensations flourish in a mother’s mind, trapped in a dying body.

When the Cow Jumps Over the Moon | Frederick Nenner | SPRING 2015

Not your average nursery rhyme: prognosis and prediction on the oncology ward.

Your Father's Heart | Malgorzata Nowaczyk | SPRING 2016

A medical student reconciles her drive for high marks with the realities of hospital rotations and the challenges of her own family.