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Machinery | Sean Murphy | SPRING 2017

When confronted with a loved one's cancer, we find ourselves (and our bodies) reacting in unpredictable ways.

March Manic | Lisa Jacobs | SPRING 2019

The frenzy of Spring brings out frazzled late night decision-making in the Psychiatric emergency room.

Medical Maze | Josephine Ensign | SPRING 2016

The physical sense of a hospital space impacts the experience of the patient and the practitioner. 

Medicine Versus Surgery | Khanjan Shah | SPRING 2014    

A medical resident reflects on the rivalry between medicine and surgery and the necessity for communication between healers.

Mena and Natalie | Melissa Franckowiak | FALL 2018

Friendship between caregiver and child challenges a nanny’s maternal instincts when illness arises.

The Memory Tree | Indu Voruganti | Spring 2014

A reflection on a creative expression workshop for individuals with early Alzheimer's and memory loss examines what it means to be a remembering being.

Miss July | Laurie Gunst | FALL 2012

As a woman grows older, she struggles to accept her changing body in a society that stigmatizes aging.

The Moral Matrix of Wartime Medicine | Jeffrey Brown | FALL 2015

A doctor in Vietnam makes choices rooted in humanity, instinct, and survival.

Ms.Johnson | Monique Hedmann | FALL 2012

As a woman ages, her stories remain as relevant as ever—especially for one who really listens.

My Father's Doctor | Jennifer Chianese | SPRING 2016

A father, a daughter, a doctor and the roller-coaster that is life.

My Mudflats | Patricia Brenneman | FALL 2017

An unusual metaphor adds to language to the struggle with illness.

The Myth of the White Coat | Allison Larson | SPRING 2016

The white coat offers no guarantees, and no protection.

My First Patient | Casey Means | FALL 2013

A difficult patient proves to be the best teacher: A medical student finds connection and meaning.

My Heart is In My Hands | Karen Jahn | SPRING 2015

A breathless patient and her cardiologist search for the language to reframe a complex medical history.

Narrative Mindfulness | Charles Paccione | FALL 2015

Through listening and attentiveness, a mental health provider advocates for improved communication.

Night River | Daniel Shalev | FALL 2015

How can I give that up? Becoming yourself by making choices, even while dying. 

Night Trip | Michael Geisser | FALL 2015

A writer with motor neuron disease reflects on his life and embodiment during an early morning trip to the bathroom.

No One Gets Out Alive Anyway | Ellen Holtzman | SPRING 2017

A patient awaits a possible terminal diagnosis. This is her mantra.

No Pain No Gain | Anna Reid | FALL 2017

A challenging workout pushes a patient to her edge.

The Note | Elizabeth Titus | SPRING 2013

A wife reflects on a note left by her husband's radiologist, and the complexities of end of life care. 

Notes From My Psychosis | Ashley Tauchert | SPRING 2015

An episode of psychosis leads to this meditation on the perception of reality and the various worlds we inhabit personally and professionally.

Numb | Nikhil Barot | SPRING 2019

A physician navigates the concepts of feeling and pain in trying to care for a cancer patient.

Of Birds and Mice | Nancy Stephan | SPRING 2013

A woman gains a new understanding of her young self when her cousin, inspired by his backyard denizens, broaches a long-buried subject.

On Call | Lainie Holman | FALL 2012

For an intern in a pediatric hospital, life and death are all in a day’s work

On Call | Sneha Mantri | FALL 2011

In the Cardiac Critical Care unit,  a doctor has a first real life experience with CPR.

On Elevators | Tarina Quraishi | SPRING 2015

A hospital volunteer reflects on how care and human connection are revealed on elevators.

On Schedule | Kate Swenson | FALL 2015

A girl grows, within her own time, to love the woman she is.

Open Heart, Open Book | Jennifer Stella | SPRING 2014

What's it like to scrub in on a case during cardiothoracic service? A doctor describes the revelations.

Over the Summer | Julia Hyman | SPRING 2013

During a break from college, a pre-med student learns what it's like to work at a teaching hospital.

Paint Blistered Doll | Thomas Gibbs | FALL 2013

A story told by a physician to his patient has a radioactive intensity.

Pandora's Box | Candice Carnes | FALL 2013

How do you talk about an affliction that everyone—doctors, friends, yourself—says doesn't exist?

Patriotism, Tissue Paper, and Showers | Jeff Shearl | SPRING 2017

It helps to have a sense of humor when your illness is no laughing matter.

Personal Effects | Kerry Leddy | SPRING 2019

A grieving mother tries to understand her daughter through the items she left behind.

Physician as Enabler | Vik Reddy | SPRING 2016

A surgeon reflects on the unintentional error of his ways.

Plague Season: A Memoir | Eileen Valinoti | FALL 2017

Be transported back in time with imagery of the iron lung and strict conduct codes for nurses.

The Power of a Handshake | Hugh Silk | SPRING 2015

Fist bump or strong grip? A doctor considers how a greeting may change a clinical encounter.

Precipice | Kelly Garriott Waite | SPRING 2016

Many challenges confront a patient, who experiences the anxiety of simultaneously confronting possible illness and navigating a procedure-focused healthcare system. 

Premies | John Graham-Pole | SPRING 2016

Newborns, the most vulnerable being premature twins, generate a meditation about surviving the odds.

The Pull of Gravity | Janet Cincotta | FALL 2017

One bacterium, two siblings, and two intertwining histories of healing.

The Quixotic Pursuit of Quality | Dean Schillinger | FALL 2015

A physician and patient reconcile their divergent views on the meaning of quality in healthcare.

Range of Vision | Catherine Klatzker | FALL 2013

A couple finds out their baby has persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV) in her left eye and takes steps to handle the challenge—for their daughter and themselves.

Reap What We Sow | Janice Anderson | FALL 2016

A difficult birth helps a practitioner address tensions among the medical team and within herself.

Red Line Rising | Michael Brown | SPRING 2018

You might call it a vision quest: How treating a homeless man's eye injury brings more than just the clinical procedure into focus.

Request for a Search and Seizure Warrant in the Matter of Mr. Richard W. Shepard’s Remains | Nels Highberg | FALL 2018

A professor searches among fragments of his past for closure never afforded by a friend’s illness and ultimate demise.

Resisting Breast Cancer Culture: Two Stories | Judith Cohen and Sarah Sutro | SPRING 2014

Two women, an artist and a writer, document their experiences without sentimentality and talk about why they don't use the term "survivor."

Resisting the Vortex: Thoughts on Narrative Medicine and Dying Well | Rebecca A. McAteer | FALL 2013

A doctor herself, the daughter of a doctor considers her own attitudes about end of life care as she reflects back on her mother's death.

Rounds | Susan Ito | FALL 2015

A return to Alta Bates Hospital triggers memories of pivotal moments in the life of a physical therapist.

See No Evil | Gillian Pidcock | SPRING 2013

What do you do when a parent isn't interested in the push toward health?

See One, Do One, Teach One | Lauren Gambill | SPRING 2017

Reflections on a simple, yet old-fashioned educational principle for becoming a physician.

Sick, Lonely, Brave | Rachel Tanner | SPRING 2014

Dealing with illness is one of the loneliest battles you can face, but you are not alone.

Soft Side Of The Tiger | Cheryl Shore | SPRING 2017

A mysterious memory changes a woman's life as she unravels her past.

Some Cream With My Cholesterol | Steven Lewis | SPRING 2016

Non-compliance: the word is profoundly close to "nonsense" in the dictionary and sometimes a bit of irreverence is the best medicine.

The Sunshine Chairs | Tim Cunningham | FALL 2015

An ebola stricken child teaches a nurse to see the light in dark places.

Tale of the Crying Girl Who Never Cries | Barbara Baglietto | FALL 2014

We pride ourselves on controlling our emotions, but what price do we pay when we do that? A clinician recounts a story that enlightens and instructs.

There Will Be No Problems | Tony Guerra | SPRING 2014

Three tiny lives to welcome into the world: A parent of triplets finds comfort in a doctor's statement.

This Story | Melissa Rosato | FALL 2016

As dusk falls, a doctor and patient find a new path through the dark corridors of illness.

Tidepools | Jennifer Tsai | FALL 2016

Opening the body during surgery opens unusual associations.

To Shred, Or Not | Timothy Brennan | FALL 2013

What is a physician to do when caught between the competing values of confidentiality and the life of a patient? A specialist in addiction medicine struggles with this quandary.

Two Minutes | Tim Cunningham | FALL 2016

The meaning of the moment, minute, hour on the life and death of a young boy and his nurse.

Under the Wreckage, An Ocean | M. Sophia Newman | FALL 2018

Making sense of trauma through dreams of two buildings that no longer stand

Until You're Blue in the Face | Katie Kress | SPRING 2015

A woman navigates her recent diagnosis of PTSD through self-reflection.

"Wanna Play Doctor?" | Lauren Kascak | SPRING 2014

During a pre-med program in Ghana, a student questions her role in a medical mission.

Watching | Thom Schwarz | SPRING 2015

Family and caregiver know the end is near for a patient and witness it in different ways.

Wednesdays and Sundays | Susan Wigoda | SPRING 2014

A mother reflects on caring for her son after he was diagnosed with leukemia by recalling the Wednesdays and Sundays when she would change the dressing on his central line.

What of the Hives | Maddie Norris | SPRING 2018

A woman interrogates the etiology and etymology of her idiopathic case of hives.

What She Left Me | Ellis Avery | FALL 2015

Pain and Memory. A writer remembers her mother through the illness they share. 

What We See When We See Each Other | Catherine Klatzker | SPRING 2015

A woman is confronted with another side of herself as she seeks a new form of healing.

Where Nobody Can Follow | Gary Hunter | SPRING 2018

The pathfinder: A man faces a series of cancers with strength and courage.

Where the White Coat Hangs | Michelle Byrne | SPRING 2016

What are the true tasks of a physician in the burn unit? A student learns, quickly.

Who's Counting | Beth Leibson | SPRING 2016

A woman shares a new perspective on cancer cells as they intersect with her life.

Why Compassion? | Martha Nance | FALL 2018

A physician’s musings on “com-passion” with patients with neurodegenerative diseases

"Why Don't They Just Call It That?" Conversations That Fail To Communicate | Pratyusha Yalamanchi | SPRING 2016

Sometimes, no matter how much time is spent explaining a procedure, doctors and patients find it hard to understand what the other is truly saying.

Wind Tunnel | Kenneth Weinberg | SPRING 2017

A couple's denial astounds even the most seasoned ER physician.

Without the Violence | Mercedes Frankl | | SPRING 2015

A doctor parallels her own personal narrative on love and health with those of her patients

Yom Kippur | Lisa Gruenberg | SPRING 2014

Remembering a father, recovering lost moments of history, through words and snapshots.