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The Man From Sierra Leone | Zach Williamson | SPRING 2013

A case presentation and follow-up recommendations are told through rhyme.

Maroon | Elsa Asher | SPRING 2013

Miscarriage. The word known long before uttered.

Meningioma | Lorri Danzig | FALL 2012

A tumor changes a life in an instant: this poem explores how to process such a powerful diagnosis.

Mi Jardin / My Garden | Emma Rivera | FALL 2011

Nature and its straightforward beauty brings solace in any language.

My Grandpa | Meghan Wang | SPRING 2013

Our memories live with those who love us. 

My Favorite Piece | Jacob L. Freedman | SPRING 2015

Two doctors, twin brothers, and one Brahms' concerto add up to an evocative reflection.

The Nacirema | Joanna White | FALL 2015

The baffling medical rites and customs of an exotic culture

Needle | Sara Backer | FALL 2015

A description of needles in many forms, as they pierce through the various aspects of life.

New Epileptic | Greg Stidham | FALL 2017

Nerves, pens, and breath conspire to create a telling moment.

Not Every Homemade Thing | Katherine Seluja | SPRING 2017

Inviting Parkinsons over for dinner.

NSCLC | Sydney Sheltz-Kempf | FALL 2017

Knowledge and time change the way we witness a loved one's final moments.

Ocean Bloom Across The Operating Table | Shabnam Shehan | SPRING 2017

A physician, a parent, and a shared grief.

Ode to Color | Karen George } SPRING 2014

Healing comes in many forms and myriad hues.

Ode to Melatonin | Jen Karetnick | SPRING 2017

Shakespeare frames dreamless sleep of a Parkinson's patient.

Ode on a Styrofoam Cup | Christopher Adamson | FALL 2017

Details come into sharp focus at a pivotal moment in time.

Oh, God | Sanjay Chainani | FALL 2018

An examination of a patient’s feelings and faith in the face of his imminent death.

Old Men | John C. Mannone | FALL 2016

Four friends meet at the diner for breakfast and puzzles

Operation Room | Emma Callen | FALL 2018

A request for compassion during a moment of vulnerability.

Order | Catherine Klatzker | FALL 2017

In chaos, sometimes all we have to hold onto is order.

Osteosarcoma | Sarah Shirley | SPRING 2017

Tangible loss cloaked with piercing love: Bravery once removed.

Out in the Open | Deborah Gorlin | FALL 2015

A description of a modern surgeon, a "latter day shaman," and his craft. 

Overwhelmed | Kendra Peterson | SPRING 2013

A patient-physician encounter of being presented with difficult news. 

Oxygen | Hollis Kurman | FALL 2018

Coming to terms with the things we take for granted

Palliation | Sarah Shirley | SPRING 2017

A reflection of a lifetime, literally. The slightest minutiae of life grows in stature as one's own comes to a close.

Parsonage-Turner: Pathologic Study | Schneider Rancy | FALL 2017

A meditation on the way our bodies work—or don't.

Pathways | Elizabeth Adler | FALL 2015

A touching description of one's person pathway from health to sickness

Perfusion | Lois Leveen | FALL 2018

A portrait of a perfusionist, or cardiopulmonary bypass doctor, at work

Prayers for the Sick | Susan Baller-Shepard

All of a sudden, the vulnerability of a son, or your best friends, call into question what to do.

The Phone | Samantha Greenberg | SPRING 2015

A simple act—like responding to a loved one who is ill—calls up conflicting emotions.

The Physician Bears Witness | Lorenzo R. Sewanan | FALL 2012

A look into the rich inner world of a physician, and its dynamic, ever-changing role, as a patient seeks a cure, an answer, and eventually some humanity

Pink Slip | Samantha Barrow | FALL 2014

Watching the body change at a moment of profound change.

Post-Call | Emily Sorg | SPRING 2014

A return to daily life, post-call, after witnessing a trauma.  

Pre-Elegy for John | Meghan Adler | FALL 2014

Grief poems are a way to say good-bye, especially when one can record the memories, like this poet did during a loved one's years of living with Parkinson's.

The Price of A Cure | Wendy French | SPRING 2015

Hunger, deconstructed: When there is a full menu of options but nothing on our plates

Procurement | Doug Hester | FALL 2014

Nature lives and breathes outside and inside the OR.

Push | Ocean | SPRING 2018

Engagement promotes a poignant exchange filled with anticipation and prescience.

Rehab | Tom Whayne | FALL 2013

All of the paraphernalia of recovery may not equip us for the changes that occur.

Relapse | Carolyn Welch | SPRING 2018

A mother expresses the depth of mental illness in the back drop of the ordinary.

Room 915 | Emily Yuan | SRING 2013

A hospitalized man reveals what's hidden beneath his off-putting exterior.

The Sculptor and The Scalpel | Nilofar Hassanzadeh | FALL 2018

A surgeon is an artist and a performer with graceful, sometimes mortal, strokes.

Self Portrait as an Anatomy Lab Cadaver | Lisa Kerr Dunn | FALL 2017

Dissecting the misplaced ownership of women's reproductive organs.

She Waits | Sheila Kelly | FALL 2017

Commitment to care takes a toll, even for a daughter who's there at the ready.

Signing the Order | Virginia Boudreau | SPRING 2016

A graceful account of the difficulty of end of life conversations.

Six Ways of Looking at a Friend | Thomas Nguyen | SPRING 2016

There is more than one way to perceive a struggle.

Sovereign and Severe | Woods Nash | FALL 2016

Reflecting on being transported to life in Moshi, Tanzania.

Specimen A | Tharshika Thangarasa | FALL 2017

Anatomy lessons provide more than just a clinical education when one takes a moment to reflect.

Speed Dating by Type | Doug Hester SPRING 2015

Blood group systems and red blood cells, reimagine

SurvivorsSusan Kaplan | SPRING 2013

A mother reflects upon her premature twins.

Tandem | Joan Michelson | FALL 2016

Turn of phase: The turning wheels of the bicycle, of marriage, and of life.

Tata | Christopher Adamson | FALL 2018

Remembrances—of a grandmother, a philosopher—make for a lasting memory.

Tense | Anne Vinsel | FALL 2016

Love inside and outside of time.

There is a Dreadful Hell Within Me | Wendy French | SPRING 2016

A line from a long-ago poet prompts a meditation on madness.

They Sold My Brain to Science | Sarah Sparks | SPRING 2018

Funny business informs this humorous take on organ dissection and preservation.

Thinner | Lauren Catlett | FALL 2015

Illness transforms the body; our memories strike us when we see what it does.

Three Months... | Lynn Pattison | SPRING 2016

Three months as a beginning of something or the end of something greater than what came before?

The Tunnel | Lisa Alexander Baron | SPRING 2018

Two children visit their mothers at the sanatorium.

Under Morning Sun in a Cloudless Sky | Ellen Sazzman | FALL 2016

Weather forecast: A journey of life, loss and ownership. 

Underground | Caitlin Gildrien | FALL 2018

The myth of Persephone plays a haunting part in a medical procedure

Untitled | Sollette Doucet | FALL 2018

A prescription for treatment doesn’t always mean you’re cured.

Vanishing Point | Ting Gou | FALL 2016

A physician at sea appreciates daily life.

Vestibular | Bekka DePew | SPRING 2017

Love catches you when you fall down.

Visible Signs | Meg Lindsay | FALL 2018

Small talk with the oncologist can’t mask what’s really being said.

The Waiting | Dorothy Woodman | SPRING 2013

We have all been there, in that room,  not fully understanding why.

Want/Change | Caroline Randall Williams | FALL 2011

Nature and the cycle of the seasons open our eyes to endings and beginnings.

Washing with Alzheimer's | Christine Nichols | FALL 2014

The learning curve of illness extends to our day-to-day rituals

Watching a Synesthete IRL | Jennifer Wolkin | FALL 2018

Travel through the different seasons of sounds as the human body flows through digestion.

Wernicke-Korsakoff | Sarah Shirley | SPRING 2017

Teasing out the person from the illness. Kübler-Ross transitions at its best.

What Do the Dying Want? | Sara Baker | SPRING 2015

Time presents us with many questions we struggle to answer. This one may be the hardest.

What Was, Still Is | Alida Rol | FALL 2018

This memory poem looks back with compassion at a long-ago procedure.

What Will I Do With You | Charlotte Friedman | SPRING 2018

Nuance and narrative: A daughter tries to come to terms with her mother's illness and impending death.

When He Found Out | Jennifer Adaeze Anyaegbunam | FALL 2011

Parents may not share the news about a death in the family, but that can make the telling more charged.

Why I Changed My Ringtone | Charlotte Jones | SPRING 2017

A compelling way to say goodbye. 

Writing Elegies Like Robert Hass | Jenny Qi | FALL 2015

Memory's power in the face of grief.

X-Ray | Harriet Heydemann | FALL 2018

Shadowy and smoky, X-rays reveal the mysteries of a body.

Zodiac | VyVy Trinh | SPRING 2013

The stars have written many stories. Some endings are harder to see.