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A Familiar Accent | Edith Bracho-Sanchez | SPRING 2015

Who speaks for the patient? A young doctor takes on the role of translator during Neurology rounds.

A Limp and A Death at Eagle Butte Reservation | Nathan Szajnberg | FALL 2017

A descriptive foray into the cultural disparities in medicine, and the intimate observance of the Native American experience.

A Parent’s Trust | Prerana Chatty | SPRING 2019

Listening to an infant’s heart murmur, a medical student grapples with her patient’s trust in her and her own trust in herself

A Patient Too Close to Home | Richard Cassidy | FALL 2012

During his training, a medical student meets a family who stirs up his memories.

A Perfect Distance | Grace Kao | SPRING 2017

Encounters between two daughters of immigrants unfold much like the creases and folds of the origami they share as one counsels another.

As (Not) Seen On TV | Robert Spencer | SPRING 2017

Much of medicine is trial and error: It's a lesson a young doctor learns early.

A Selfless Goodbye | Pooja Reddy | FALL 2014

Can we plan a "good" death, one that isn't a burden on our family and friends? A reflection.

A Spanish Lesson | Jerold Lundgren and Joseph Featherall | FALL 2012

On a language trip to Guatemala, a team of doctors learns much more about communication than how to speak Spanish.

A Student's Moment in NYC's Most Famous Hospital | Brian Sou | FALL 2014

Some patients flinch at the sight of a needle. A med student sees it happen and acts compassionately.

A Tale of Three Breasts | Carol Scott-Conner | SPRING 2015

There is a subjectivity in the way we see the body, as a group of surgeons and oncologists demonstrate.

A Three-Stranded Cord Is Not Quickly Broken | Angela Cooke-Jackson, Taylor McMahon and Dana Mendes | FALL 2016

Co-constructing an illness narrative with meaning: A collaborative project weaves different perspectives and narrative forms together to share a young woman's experience with cancer. 

Approaching New Horizons | Mario de la Cruz | FALL 2011

What exactly is Narrative Medicine and how is it implemented? One practitioner describes its influence.

The Arc of Serenity | Joy Liu | SPRING 2017

An elderly patient teaches a doctor important life lessons.

Bad Lungs | Kany Aziz | FALL 2017

"I thought my lungs were good. So why are the doctors saying that they are bad?"

Bright is the Ring of Words | Richard Westcott | SPRING 2017

A retired family doctor in England invites the reader to enjoy the flavor of words.

The Bubbling Fire in the Bone Marrow | Albert Howard Carter III | SPRING 2016

Meet Frank, a cancer patient, through the eyes of his massage therapist, a cancer survivor himself.

Candace | Jutta Braun | SPRING 2017

A nurse reflects on an early patient experience, and on what she’s learned since.

The Cat Doctor | Hans Steiner | SPRING 2015

Sometimes knowledge is gained, not lost, in translation: An intern gets a lesson in lingo.

The Choice | Keenan Whitesides | SPRING 2014

Do you mean I have a choice? A simple question gives a patient a brief respite from the routine of the hospital.

Choices | David Howard | FALL 2017

Here is what happens when the personal and professional worlds of a hospital volunteer suddenly collide. 

Collector's Envy | Emily Milam | SPRING 2017

Patients are more than just a diagnosis at our educational disposal.

The Color Purple | Paul Rousseau | FALL 2016

Diagnoses are nothing more than the story of life, colored by the pain of disease... and occasionally other things.

The Crash | Jake Minor | SPRING 2017

A soon-to-be medical student struggles with the indignity of his father's last months with cancer.

Death’s Other Kingdom: Reflections on Uncertainty in Pathology | Benjamin Mazer | SPRING 2019

Going beneath the surface: A surgical pathologist dissects the metaphors of the vocation.

Disequilibrium| William Fyfe | FALL 2017

A medical student searches for balance among the residents of a mental hospital.

Don't Worry, At Least We Will Die Together! | David Hilden | SPRING 2017

One doctor's journey to connect medical education between the United States and the Middle East has many terrifying (but also numerous humorous) moments.

Dying Well: Choose Your Beverage | Esther Park & Gladys Rodriguez | SPRING 2015

We learn about the conflicts and profound contradictions every doctor faces in end-of-life care.

Entry Points | A. Scott Pearson | FALL 2016

The ultimate challenge: Finding the connection to a patient's world in the most stressful moments.

Ethics Consult: To Tell or Not To Tell | Ellen Kolton | FALL 2013

It's a quandary doctors often face: Whether or not to reveal information to a family about a patient whose privacy will then be violated.

Faith in Nursing | Sarah Christensen | FALL 2018

Ash Wednesday takes on special meaning for a pediatric oncology nurse in this exploration of faith and mortality.

Getting to Know Dying | Anna Belc | SPRING 2018

Arrivals and departures are a way of life in a hospital. In this story, a labor and delivery nurse thinks deeply about knowing when the end is near.

Getting Steamy with Dr. Uhthoff | Meredith O'Brien | SPRING 2017

A 19th-century German doctor, hot bath tests, and MS flares: a weather report of an illness.

Glitterless | Supreetha Gubbala | SPRING 2019

A young medical student struggles to reconcile her many identities in the “sea of white” she sees in her classmates.

The Goses | Gerard Spiniello | FALL 2014

To honor a rabbi’s beliefs or end his suffering? An M.D. guides a family through a spiritual dilemma.

Heart Failure | Rachel Conrad | SPRING 2014

A Buddhist story helps a clinician come to terms with burnout and insensitivity.

Hematopapyrus And Other Medical Jargon | Jonathan Katz | FALL 2016

See if you can guess what it means: A medical student introduces new medical jargon.

The Highway | Michael Enich | FALL 2018

A young doctor in training remembers a lesson learned from a formative encounter.

Hot Stones and Cold Rice | Rose Jones | SPRING 2017

Wrestling with the challenges of integrating culture into patient care, using lessons learned in St. Lucia.

If the Body Is: Words of Gratitude for Our Body Donors | Carissa Holland | FALL 2018

An adoring love letter to the wonders of the body

I Need to Tell This Story | Katherine Guess | FALL 2014

Her own medical trauma informs the way a clinician looks and listens.

The Lady In Pink | Anne-Laure Talbot | SPRING 2013

A critical lesson is learned through a seemingly routine encounter.

Lily Darwin | Elizabeth Lahti | SPRING 2018

Listening to an elderly patient's stories of the past enables a hospitalist to help her heal in the present.

The Little Nowhere of the Mind | Kenneth Weinberg | FALL 2012

An ode to house calls and the way each one may enrich, transform and direct a doctor's life.

The Long Ride | Ali Tahvildari | FALL 2017

A doctor's internal journey of risk and uncertainty raises questions for all clinicians.

Love and Medicine | Jennifer Stella | SPRING 2014

Getting to know you: A doctor considers ways to understand a patient's past life before illness.