Anatomical Landscape I & II: Desert Moon | Ivana Viani

A medical student studies the wonders of the body, as well as its anatomical elements.

Anatomy of the Vogue | Meagan Wu

Beauty and glamour can be found almost everywhere, even in the anatomy lab.

Fetu Kekula: Liberia | Adriana Garriga-López

A portrait of a Liberian nursing student, a resourceful caregiver during a moment of crisis.

Frankenstein | Kriota Willberg

Even man-made monsters have their limits when it comes to extreme measures.

Gravity of This Moment | Phoebe Cheng

Being able to see beyond limitations is an uplifting experience.

Neurological Exam | Eugenia G. Amor

It's like a jigsaw puzzle: Clinicians put together the clues from every exam they do on a patient.

The Power of Touch | Meagan Wu

An oil painting's insightful message: We must never underestimate the points of contact in the clinical encounter, whether it's a comforting hand or a lifesaving medical device

Speak | Laura Anne White

"I created this piece following several subsequent shifts during which I worked closely with a patient who had tongue cancer. He had received chemotherapy and was undergoing yet another round of radiation." Enough said.

The Surgical Stage | Meagan Wu

Capable hands, vulnerable bodies: This oil painting reflects the teamwork of healthcare.

The Syphilid | Heather Wickless

An artist and doctor links an illness and a period of history in a telling visual work.