Daddy | Jennifer Abcug

Role reversal: A daughter learns about kidney dialysis and a new way to take care of her father.

Diabetes Diary | Jonathan Garfinkel

Reflections on the experience of diabetes and the promises — and the limits — of technology.

Edentulism | Justin Millan

After working a code that fails: Twenty, thirty, forty-five minutes to transform the scene before the family arrives.

The Gypsy | Alyse Keller

Crazy things happen: An amusing tale involving MS, drinks, daughters, a mom—and happy (sort of) accidents.

Hallelujah | Suzanne Ohlmann

Laughter, song, and poop jokes: a woman and her mother-in-law share joy during a time of sickness

March Manic | Lisa Jacobs

The frenzy of Spring brings out frazzled late night decision-making in the Psychiatric emergency room.

Numb | Nikhil Barot

A physician navigates the concepts of feeling and pain in trying to care for a cancer patient.

Personal Effects | Kerry Leddy

A grieving mother tries to understand her daughter through the items she left behind.

Room 427 | Zainab Mabizari

An emotionally engaging portrayal of a daughter’s attempt to understand her father’s gradual death.

Vacant Lots | Laura Anne White

Death, on a daily basis, wears on a clinician’s soul. Sometimes, imagining ‘how it might have been’ for a patient, can be a resolution.

Watch and Wait | Orly Farber

When cancer is in the family, it’s not always easy for a clinician to be an onlooker.

The Witness | Yoshiko Iwai

On shadowing, and what it takes to listen and understand.